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Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, one of the provinces in Canada. When you visit Edmonton, you can find many different events that take place throughout the city during the course of the year. The weather in Edmonton is usually cool, but that does not stop people from getting out and having a good time.

Some of the Edmonton, Alberta events that take place throughout the year include the annual winter fest that takes place during the month of December, the snowmobile races that take place in January every year, the celebration of spring fair that takes place during the first weekend of April in Edmonton and the annual Book Seller Convention that takes place in the heart of the city each and every August. Throughout the year, there is something for everyone in Edmonton, Alberta.

Winter Festival

During the entire month of December, Edmonton hosts winter festivals that include snowman building, snowball fights and ice skating. Edmonton gets cold during the month of October and you can pretty much count of snow during the month of December. This is the best time to bundle up and make the most of the winter months by enjoying the snow. If you do not know how to ice skate, do not worry. There are plenty of beginner lessons available. If you want to enjoy the winter in Edmonton, you can do so by participating in one of the many winter festivals that take place throughout the city during the month of December.

Snowmobile Racing

Snowmobile racing takes place in the last weekend of January in Edmonton. You can participate in this event if you sign up. The venue for the snowmobile racing changes every year so it is necessary to sign up prior to the event so that you understand the route. Anyone who has a snowmobile can participate in this annual event.

Edmonton Celebration of Spring

After a long, cold winter in Edmonton, many people are eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring. The spring and summer months are short in this part of Canada, but those who live in Edmonton know how to make the most of them. The Edmonton Celebration of Spring takes place at the last weekend in April and is a time when people get outdoors and enjoy flea markets, street vendors and even a parade to hail the coming of the warmer months.

Book Sellers Fair

The August Edmonton Book Sellers Fair is meant to give those who have not yet been published a chance to get discovered. There are many self published authors who attend this annual book sellers fair with the intent of getting their books distributed by the major presses, who usually send representatives to see the fair. If you have a book that you want to sell, or if you want to take a look at some of the books by unknown authors as of yet, you can enjoy this annual August Edmonton, Alberta event.


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